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Re: A Net to Infinity?

"Chris Meijer" <> writes:
>  Todd wrote in article ...
> >Indoors, however, it's a different story.  Once the ball completely
> >crosses the plane of the net, it cannot be recovered.  See USAV indoor
> >rule 15.1.2 for more info.
> >
> >
> Don't know much about how USAV follows FIVB ruling, but 
> FIVB rule 11.1.2 states (indoor):
> Thus under FIVB ruling this recovering
> is legal, and there is no physical limit 
> of where the ball is, when it is played back.

Indeed FIVB and USAV differ on this issue since the USAV counterpart
to FIVB 11.1.2 is more restritive:

USAV indoor rule 12.4:
  12.4 Ball "out"
  The ball is "out" when:
  12.4.4 it completely crosses the vertical plane of the net, partly or
  totally outside the crossing space.

USAV indoor rule 15.1
  15.1 Ball crossing the net
  15.1.2 A ball penetrating the opponent's side outside of the crossing
  space may be played back to a teammate, provided it has not completely
  crossed the vertical plane of th net at the moment of contact.

The FIVB counterparts to these rules are less restrictive on this
issue, as you have pointed out.

FIVB Rule 9.4
  9.4 BALL "OUT" 
  The ball is "out" when:
  d) it crosses the vertical plane of the net totally or even partly
  outside the crossing space:
  - during service, or
  - into the opponent's court

FIVB Rule 11.1
  11.1 Ball crossing the net
  11.1.2 The ball that has crossed the net plane to the opponent's
  free-zone (Rule 12) totally or partly outside of
  the crossing space, may be played back within the team hits provided
  - the opponent's court is not touched by the player;
  - the ball when played back crosses the net plane again outside the
  crossing space on the same side of the court.
  The opponent team may not prevent such action.

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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