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Re: a few NCAA rule questions (david ralley) writes:
> I've been watching plenty of women's volleyball this fall, and am a 
> little confused on the subbing rules....
> 1) How often can a player come in and out of one game? Are there 
>    restrictions for subbing for the server? Are standard front row/
>    back row subsitutions treated differently than other subsitutions?
>    How many subsitutions are allowed per team per game?

NCAA women play by NAGWS rules.  

12 substitutions are allowed per team.  Each player is allowed 3
entries (A player who starts the game has used 1 entry).  There are no
restrictions on subbing for the server.  There is no difference
between back and front row substitutions.  

Coaches, as a strategy, often sub based on front/back row positions,
however.  For instance, a strong passer/server will often replace a
strong hitter (but weak passer) when that hitter is about to rotate
into the back row.

> 2) Does the serving rotation for the second game have to start at the 
>    same position game 1 left off, or can the rotation start anywhere?

You can begin your rotation anywhere.  The coach submits a fresh
lineup for each game.  The ending positions for the previous game are
not relevant.  

> 3) Does a red card get you out of a game? Are cards cumulative across
>    games? If I get sent out on a red card in game 1 and get a yellow
>    card in game 2 do I stay in? How does the progression to ejection 
>    from the match work? Is the progression different for coaches than 
>    for players?

A red card if far less serious in volleyball than in soccer.  A red
card in soccer sends you out of the game, while in volleyball, it only
costs your team the loss of the current rally.  

Cards are not cumulative outside of the game--the misconduct sanction
scale is progressive within the same game only.  Hence, in your
example, you would stay in game 2. 

However, there are offenses that can get a player immediately expelled
(out of game, red and yellow cards shown together), or disqualified
(out of the match, red and yellow cards held apart).

The progression is the same for coaches and players.
yellow          warning
red             penalty (loss of rally)
r/y together    expulsion (out of game, no additional loss of rally)
r/y apart       disqualification (out of match, no add. loss of rally)

I'm relatively new to NAGWS rules, and do not have that rulebook in
front of me right now.  I trust Wally will set me straight if I've
misrepresented anything.  :)

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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