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Abolish L/R rotation order? (was: Player Position Title) (Doug O'Neal) writes:
> In article <> Todd <> writes:
> >   While each player position rotates successively all 6 positions on the
> >  court, you only have to be in your "rotation" position prior to the
> >  contact of the service.  This, combined with substitutions has allowed
> >  specialization to occur in most levels of volleyball beyond
> >  recreational.
>  I've actually wondered about this.  Is there any good reason, other than 
>  tradition, that the concept of "rotation" is preserved in competitive 
>  volleyball?  Other than the front/back row distinction.  I think it would 
>  simplify things if you got rid of any requirements for, e.g., the three 
>  front row players to be in any relative positions at the time of serve. 

Practically, this would probably end up slowing the game considerably
as no one would ever remember who the next server is.  Even when I
have to trot out to the strong side from the right front position, I
still have trouble remembering that I'm serving next!  It's even more
confusing when I play doubles.  If my experience down-reffing WPVA
matches is any indicator, even the pros can't keep the service order
straight in the absence of positional rotation.  :-P

For my own entertainment, though, I'll take a shot at thinking of this
from a rules committee perspective:

Such a change may give the receiving teams more advantage as the
setter could begin pretty much wherever they like.  In a 6-2 for
instance, the setter could always drag the weakest front-row passer up
to the net in the right front.  This ideal positioning of the setter
in every rotation would make the offenses even quicker and more
dominating than they are currently.

And...since many rule changes have gone the way of the defense and
serving team in recent years (service area extended, double contact on
first team hit, contact below knee, etc)'s not something that's
likely to be adopted.

But an intriguing idea nonetheless.  :)

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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