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Re: Officials' Forum #24 (Stephen K. Brown) writes:

> I really question the appropriateness of having non-impartial people
> performing the important duties of a second referee. If the organizers
> don't feel these calls should be made by qualified officials, then either

I disagree.  These questions are highly appropriate because the vast
majority of volleyball matches are played without the benefit of a
fully qualified officiating crew.  Here in the states, USA Volleyball
junior olympic club tournaments at best have certified first referees
for pool play.  It's not that the organizers feel that the calls
shouldn't be made by qualified officials--it's just that no one could
afford to play club volleyball if you expect every match at a
tournament to have two certified officials!

> Therefore, I don't feel this forum should ever come to pass, as no
> organization should use unqualified people as major officials (ie-a
> non-issue with me).

Agreed, but only in a perfect world.  :-)

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