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Re: official dimensions????

"d.l." <> writes:

> can someone email me with the proper dimensions for a volleyball
> court, including official ceiling height that a gym should be, the
> surrounding area around the court itself and any other relevant
> dimensions....thanks
> Manny

[Ooh.  Monday morning, and someone from the Microsoft network posts a
FAQ and asks for an email reply!  Luckily rsv isn't a flame-prone
newsgroup. :-) ]


Welcome to  This and other frequently asked
questions are answered in this document:

The court 9m x 18m.  It should be surrounded by a free zone of at
least 2m.  The space above the playable area should be free from
obstructions up to a height of 7m.

1m = 3.28 feet = 3 feet, 3.37 inches 

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
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