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Get USAV rules on the web! (was 1998 AVCA Convention in Madison, WI)


I'd be interested in this...though I'm not confident I'd be able to
attend more than one or two days at most.

The thing I'd like the AVCA to know is that their "Publishing the USAV
rules and casebook on the web would hurt our rulebook sales" stance is
terribly short-sighted and out of touch.  I've expounded on this in
detail here:

Of course, the most player-friendly approach would be to
follow the FIVB's lead and make the whole book available in a single
easy-to-print .pdf file.  However, based on the AVCA feedback I've
gotten to this idea, I think they're not likely to give up this

However, if they do it right, they can put the rules on the web and
greatly INCREASE rulebook sales as a result.  Make a site that's easy
to search, allows players to look up the rules they need, but doesn't
give you the entire rulebook in one large piece, for instance.  Add a
few banner ads touting the low-priced printed rulebook, add on-line
ordering, and they'd likely double sales of the printed book.  

On my rules and refereeing web site, I keep a log of referring pages.
My web logs are flooded with people searching on the terms "volleyball
rules" I would love to be able to refer/link to USAV rules on-line.

Clearly the demand is there.  The traffic on an official USAV rules
site will astonish them.  It will make them money.  

In addition, putting USAV rules and cases on the web would
exponentially raise awareness of USA Volleyball as _the_ sanctioning
body for the sport in the US.  This could only help the sport.

Seems like a no-brainer to me.

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
Todd's Volleyball Referee Page
"So you're a Ref and an engineer? Oh that explains it...." writes:
> Dear RSV,
> In postings over the past few months, I've asked if any RSV'ers were
> interested in getting together during the AVCA Convention held this year in
> Madison, WI (December 15-19).  This runs in conjunction with the NCAA
> Division I Women's Final Four Volleyball Championships.  I have compiled an
> email list of individuals that are interested and the AVCA (Vivian Langley)
> has graciously arranged meeting space and are willing to put together an
> agenda if we so choose.  Tom Jack is composing a paper that will be
> distributed at this get-together as well (I won't divulge it's content; I'll
> let you all salivate a bit).  :-)
> I think an internet-oriented roundtable could evolve into a valuable tool for
> the AVCA.  Getting ideas and feedback on how to effectively use the internet
> to forward the game is certainly one area we're all very familiar with.  Many
> posters in this newsgroup have written noteworthy articles.  The AVCA seems
> fairly interested so ...
> .... anyone else interested in participating in this ad hoc volleyball
> mind-meld?
> I'm completely open to suggestions (already have received a few).  I'll
> follow-up with an email to everyone prior to the convention to aprise the
> group of any topics of interest.
> If an impromptu get-together is what some RSV'ers want, so be it.  Let's see
> if we can designate an area to meet.  OTOH, if a good roundtable agenda can
> be decided on, or if RSV'ers want to sit down, meet each other and discuss
> the state of volleyball today and where it's going, I'm open to that too.
> Preparations are currently underway to provide hotel meeting space,
> refreshments and such thanks to Vivian's interest in this.
> Myself, I think it is a great way to meet one another.	:-)  Volleyball is a
> very dedicated group of individuals.  We tend to work in *siloes* though,
> thinking only within our own little worlds.  Here's an opportunity to meet
> others that eat, drink and sleep volleyball like we all seem to do.  Let's
> share some thoughts/ideas.
> If you are interested, follow-up post here or email me at the address
> below.
> 8^)
> Regards,
> -Joe
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