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Re: Question regarding rules

The Undead <> writes:

> What is the USAV ruling on using your feet outdoors? This is a Coed
> 6's league, one of the guys on our team was called for intentionally
> kicking a ball to bring it back into the playing field. We argued
> that using the feet is completely legal per 13.4.1 but the ref said
> that the rule was only meant for unintentional contact or some kind
> of BS.

Your ref appears to be confused and/or not completely versed on USAV
outdoor rules.  In his/her defense, however, this is a very fine point
and recent rule changes have occurred.

Until this year, USAV outdoor 6's was the sole bastion of the "no
contact below the knee" rule.  This was changed for 1997-98, and now
all USAV competition indoor and outdoor, 2's 3's 4's and 6's allows
players to contact the ball with any part of their body.  Also, intent
has never mattered w.r.t. contact below the knee under USAV rules.

However (I can hear Joe groan already) that this varies widely by
ruleset.  The ref must come from an NAGWS background.  Under NAGWS
rules (indoor, NCAA Div I women's), you cannot _intentionally_ play
the ball below the knee.  Incidental contact is allowed, but not
intentional contact.

Under USAV outdoor rules, you can use your feet to your heart's
content.  If the rulebook's clear wording doesn't convince your
referee maybe this case from the casebook will help:

_From the USAV Beach Casebook 1997-98:
Rule 13 Playing the Ball
3.      Player passes the ball by kicking it to her partner.

        RULING:  Legal.  A player may touch the ball with any part of
        the body (13.4.1).

and to add insult to injury the indoor interpetation of the very same
rule wording clearly states that intent is irrelevant:

_From the USAV Indoor Casebook 1997-98
Rule 14 Playing the ball
4. While trying to save a ball that was going to pass under the net,
   S-2 extended his leg and contacted the ball with his foot.  The
   ball was then played over the net by S-6.
   RULING:  Allowable contact by S-2.  The ball may touch any part of
   the body.  No distinction is made between passive or active contact
   of the ball by the player. (14.4.1 [indoor])

Best of luck enlightening your league official. 

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
Todd's Volleyball Referee Page
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