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Setter retrieving a pass over the net (was: Outdoor rule question) (JTStovern) writes:
> However....

<rant type="netiquette">
What is it with AOL folks (aside from vbcoacher) not quoting relevant
portions of post to which they're replying? 

Good rules question nonetheless.  :-)  

> I believe you are allowed to reach across the net between the
> antennae???? and bring the ball back to your side of the net if it
> would be your team's 2nd contact.  (Scenario: Dig is semi shanked
> completely over (beyond plane) but near the net, setter reaches over
> and brings the ball back to her side in order to allow one of her
> attackers to execute a 3rd contact on the ball.)

Not quite.  While you can reach across the net between the antennas,
once the ball is completely beyond the plane, you can no longer
contact the ball.  

USAV 1997-98 Indoor rules
16.2   Reaching beyond the net
16.2.3 A player is permitted to pass hand(s) beyond the net inside the
       antennas and contact the ball over the opponent's court on his
       or her team's first or second hit, provided the ball has not
       completely crossed the vertical plane of the net and is
       directed back into the player's own playing space.

The key phrase here is "provided the ball has not completely crossed
the vertical plane of the net."

The intent is similar in the outdoor rules, though the wording is
slightly different:

USAV 1997-98 Beach Rules
15.1 Reaching beyond the net
15.1.5 A player may not contact a ball after it has crossed to the
       opponent's side through the crossing space until it is
       contacted by an opponent.

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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