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Re: rotation (right/wrong)?? (GORDON TAM) writes:
> please email me the responses/answers coz i dont check this usnet.
> is there a right spot to rotate in at?
> i've played with friends from school....we always rotate in at
> server's spot. then i play with some other people and they rotate
> in at the front left hitters spot.
> does it matter (in any kinda of v-ball rules) where a pesron 
> rotates in at??

By "rotating in" I'm envisioning the approach used in gym classes
where you more than 6 people on each team, but only 6 people are on
the court at any one time.  The way I've seen it, the right front
person usually rotates to the bench, and the person who was on the
bench longest rotates in to the serving position.  I've also seen the
bench positioned between the service position and middle back such
that you rotate out after your serve.

If we're thinking along the same lines, I'm afraid you won't find a
conclusive answer.  This recreational volleyball practice is not part
of any known rule set (to my knowledge).  This is more of a
recreational or gym class it may be hard to find any
widely-used documentation that supports rotating out after a serve
versus before the serve.  The position is pretty arbitrary.

Faint recollections of leagues that allowed this sort of rotation, I
usually saw people rotating off the bench and into the service
position, or into the middle back.

If your interested in the official way of getting extra players on and
off the bench, here's a little of what USA Volleyball indoor rules say
about substitutions: A player in the starting line-up may leave the game and
         re-enter two times per game but only to his/her previous
         position in the line-up. A substitute may enter a game three times.  Each entry must
         be to the same position in the lineup.

Here "position" means the player's location in the lineup with respect
to the other players.  So if player number 11 comes in for player
number 14, Player 14 can only come back in for player 11.  It does not
mean that a person who subs out in left front can only return to left
front.  Subs are a little I'll refrain from stating any

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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