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Re: Best Beach Volleyball?

"Keith Allen" <> writes:
> After browsing the Nasbar catalog, I've narrowed the search for
> beach volleyballs to three choices.  The Wilson Official AVP Game,
> Brine New Pro Tour, and the Spalding Top-Flite 18.  Can anyone
> comment as to which of these three would be the best pick?

See for my choices.  

You can't go wrong with either the Wilson AVP or the Top-Flite 18
Gold.  I like to save the money and get the Top-Flite.  I prefer it to
the Wilson slightly anyway.  I have no experience with the Brine.

The Top-Flite used to be the only ball worth considering for the
beach, and held the AVP endorsement for a long time.  Wilson has been
the official AVP ball for the past several years.  Wilson's first two
years were very the Wilson ball was horrible.  They've
since refined it to be more like the Top-Flite.  Now, both are equally

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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