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Re: Signalling of Improper Request

Kevin Lentin <> writes:

> Todd <> wrote:
> > The R2 makes the call.  There is no official signal for it, as far
> > as I know.  The indication is usually verbal, and the R2 should
> > ensure that the scorekeeper records the improper request.
> That's very interesting. That's exactly how you don't do it under
> FIVB rules. Under FIVB rules, improper requests are rejected without
> sanction if they don't delay the game.

Improper REquests (IR) are also rejected without sanction in
USAV...but the scorers are instructed to record this info in the
"Comments" section of the scoresheet. See the "comments" section on
~page 5 of

I made the note about the R2 making sure the scorekeeper "got it" for
the usual situation in Junior Olympic local tournaments where the
scorekeeper is usually NOT a certified scorer.  At national
tournaments, and/or where certified scorers are being used, the R2
shouldn't have to do anymore than wave off the request and verbalize
"improper request."  In either case the delay to the game for merely
recording the IR should be miniscule.

A repeated IR is sanctioned with a team delay warning (yellow card for
us) under USAV rules.

> If they do delay the game, they are not improper requests, they are
> delays (regardless of what the team actually did!). So, if the
> scorer had to record an improper request, you'd automatically turn
> it into a delay.
> It's very interesting to slowly realise all the differences in rules.

Wow...that is a strict reading of delay!  Interesting indeed.  

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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