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Re: Volleyball Shoes

Colin Glass <> writes:

> Does it matter what kind of shoes you wear when playing indoor
> volleyball?  I currently wear a court shoe, but there is absolutely no
> support for my ankles.  Is this a consideration when looking for
> volleyball shoes?  Do I even need new shoes?
> I don't want to go out and spend $150 (Canadian) on a pair of ankle
> braces.  Any advice?
> Colin Glass

This is a religious issue, so you're bound to get conflicting

IMO, the only shoes that provide any real ankle support are the dippy
Kaepa "Brace" shoes that have an ankle brace integrated into the shoe.
Instead of buying a shoe and a reusable brace, you buy a really
expensive shoe with a built-in brace that has to thrown out when the
shoe wears out.

High top shoes give some modest ankle support.  They also hinder your
mobility to some degree.  If you don't want to go with an Active-Ankle
type braces, spend some time in the gym strengthening your ankles.  In
my opinion, various shoes do little to help ankle stability.

Schneid's got an article on this:

I've also included the following from the FAQ
available at

Ankle and knee injuries are frequently the result of an intimate pas
de deux or menage a trois at the net. Eschew them. Some folks are
apparently doomed by genetics to have weak, injury-prone ankles - or
once you have an ankle injury, you seem prone for more. High-mid-low
top shoes; it doesn't really seem to matter. Folks will swear by or at
all three - whatever seems to work for you is fine. Prevention is
primarily a matter of avoiding contact, particularly under the
net. The proposed rule changes to allow a player to cross the center
line will guarantee an epidemic of sprained and broken
ankles. Everyone should ignore this rule change - and refs, even if
they can't fault encroachment, should point out the danger of so doing
before the match and whenever they see it.

Many folks swear by Aircasts (TM), lightweight, inflatable plastic and
velcro supports you wear in your shoe. Although designed to provide
support while recovering from an injury and to prevent subsequent
ones, some folks have taken to wearing them as preventive. Regardless,
check with an expert and get ones that fit (and shoes to go with them)
if you wear them.

There is a feeling amongst players who have suffered ankle injuries
that a clean break heals better and is less apt to be a recurrent
problem than a serious sprain. Whatever, if you have broken an ankle,
follow your rehab program and you'll be back playing in no time.

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
Todd's Volleyball Page
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