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Re: Coed questions??

"ray" <> writes:
> These questions don't 'alter' the outcome much but I'd rather make
> the correct call.. Women or men's net same sex
> player,2men(mens')2women(womens), 2 team contacts. The ball is going
> over but nxt 2 d antennae - as it completely crosses the plane of
> the net, which is the time when an illegal 'same sex' contact call
> is made, the ball touches the antennae just has it completely
> crosses the plane...WHICH CALL do I make?? out or illegal contact,
> in a sense it does not matter, but technical,i think, a protestable
> matter if I apply the WRONG RULE...rite

If I'm understanding your question correctly (????), you are
interested in when to blow the whistle when the ball is sent over the
net without a female touching it, per rule 1.2 of the USA Volleyball
Mixed-Six rules:

USAV Mixed-Six Rules:
        1.2 When the ball is played more than once by a team at least
            one of the contacts shall be made by a female player.

Note, there is no penalty in mixed-six play for 2 women contacting the
ball without a male contacting the ball. These rules continue:

        1.2.2 A ball contacted more than once by a team, without a
              female player having contacted it, remains live and does
              not become an illegal hit until it fully crosses the
              plane of the net or is contacted by an opponent.

In other words, the whistle should be blown when the attack-hit is
completed.  See rule 18.1.2 below.

USAV 1998-99 indoor rules:
All actions directing the ball toward the opponent (except
a serve, block or action) are attack-hits.
18.1.1 During an attack-hit, tipping (directing the ball by
contact with the fingers only) is permitted if the
contact is brief and the ball is not caught or thrown.
18.1.2 An attack-hit is completed the moment the ball
completely crosses the vertical plane of the net or
is touched by a blocker.
The front-row player may carry out an attack-hit at any
height, provided the ball contact has been made within
the team's playing space [EXCEPTION: Rule 18.4.4].
18.2 Commentary: If a player near the net completes an
attack-hit in such a manner that the ball is blocked back
into the attacking player, such contact is considered a
first team contact. If a ball passed toward a teammate by
a back-row player is legally blocked back into that player,
it is an illegal back-row block IF that player had been
above the net at any time during the attempt and has not
returned to the floor [19.1 Commentary].
18.3.1 A back-row player may complete an attack-hit at
any height from behind the front zone [Rule 1.4.1].
At take-off, the foot (feet) must neither have
touched, nor crossed over, the attack line or its
imaginary extension. After the attack-hit, the player
may land within the front zone.
18.3.2 A back-row player may also carry out an attack-hit
from the front zone if, at the moment of the
contact, any part of the ball is below the top of the
net [Diagram 7].

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
Todd's Volleyball Referee Page
"So you're a Ref and an engineer? Oh that explains it...."

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