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Re: USA Volleyball Rules Changes for 1999 (Bruno Wolff III) writes:
> From article <>, by Todd <>:
> > 
> > Libero Playing Actions: The Libero may replace any player in a back row
> > position. The Libero may not serve, block or attempt to block. The Libero
> > may not complete an attack-hit from anywhere if at the moment of contact the
> > ball is entirely higher than the top of the net.  A teammate may not
> > complete an attack-hit on a ball coming from an overhead pass using the
> > fingers by the Libero if the Libero sets while in the front zone.  The ball
> > may be freely attacked if the Libero makes the same set from behind the
> > front zone.
> Does this mean that if the libero hand sets the second team contact while
> in the front zone that the ball must go over the net or his team will lose
> the rally? Since any third hit is an attack hit, it appears from the wording
> above that as soon as a third contact is made an illegal attack will occur.
> Was it really intended that the third contact could be legally made if part
> of the ball was below the height of the net when the third contact is made?


That does sound strange.  What you propose is the only way it would
make sense.  Once the actual rulebook gets released, I imagine the
wording will be clearer (and probably exceedingly similar to the
current FIVB wording).

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