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Re: Rule Question: Uniform/Undergarments (JTS) writes:

> For USAV Jrs:
> Question regarding undergarments (see rule 5.1.1 and commentary below)
> Is it an all or none thing?

Depends on how picky your USAV region is.  By the rulebook, no it's
not all or none.

> Can some players wear identical  long sleeved shirt under their
> uniform T-shirt (with sleeves showing) while other teammates chose to
> only wear their regular uniform T-shirt?

Yes, they can.  But any player that wears an exposed long-sleeved
t-shirt must wear one that's identical to all other players wearing
such a long-sleeved t-shit underneath.

> Situation came up in a match last week where 1 girl on a team was
> wearing a long sleeve shirt under her uniform T-shirt but the rest of
> her team only wore the regular uniform T-shirt.  She was asked to take
> off the long sleeve shirt which she did without any issue.  If she or
> her coach refused, how should it be ruled?

If the region policy is "uniforms must be identical," then she would
be in an illegal uniform and not allowed to play.

> Based on rule 5.1.1 commentary, it could sort of be interpreted
> either way since it's not absolutely clear whether the last line's
> 'such a uniform' means entire uniform or simply undergarments.

"such a uniform" refers to the exposed undergarmnets.  In your
example, one uniform is the ensemble that doesn't have exposed
long-tshirt.  The second uniform if the one that includes the exposed
long tshirt.

> I had always assumed it only applied to undergarments being identical
> but entire team did not have to wear them.
>   5.1.1 A player’s uniform consists of a jersey and shorts.
>   (Uniforms may be one piece.)
>   5.1.1 Commentary: If undergarments, including but not
>   limited to t-shirts, boxer shorts, tights, leotards, body
>   suits, bicycle shorts, sports bras, etc., are worn in
>   such a manner that they are exposed, they will be
>   considered a part of the uniform. In that case, they
>   must be identical for any team members who wear
>   such a uniform.

Your interpretation is consistent with the rulebook.  The only caveat
is that some regions specify that "similar" uniforms aren't good
enough, and that "identical" uniforms must be worn.   Check your
region handbook to see if it's addressed in there.  If not, you'd have
reasonable grounds for a protest.

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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