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Re: New FAQ: In or Out? Ball Compression and the Sideline (Bruno Wolff III) writes:
> How about adding in something about how much compression to assume
> when you have to make a call but couldn't see the bottom of the ball
> so as to tell whether the ball actually touched the line? Should
> someone make a guess of 2 inches? Should the speed of the ball
> matter in making this guess?  Should a replay just be called in this
> situation?

The LJ's should make no assumptions about compression.  They should
call what they see.  The line judge either _sees_ the ball touch the
line, or he does not.

While the speed of the ball will determine the amount of compression
is seen during the super-slow-motion instant replay, it will not
change what the line judge sees with his human eyes--either he saw the
white ball touch the line or he did not see it touch the line.  A
replay is never appropriate, and the ball was either seen in or out.
Such judgement calls are non-protestable.

Good line judges will sell this judgement call with a sharp, confident

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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