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Re: Best sand for beach vb court

Jason Botwick <> writes:
> What is the best sand for a beach vb court and why? What is a fair price
> including delivery?

The topic of sand is remarkably complex.  There are a bunch of
different grades based on the size of the largest material in the
sand, and smoothness of the individual grains.  I learned the most by
going to a local aggregate supplier and having a look at their large
piles of various grades of sand.  Your sand will be delivered by truck
from such a local supplier, and they can give you prices.  I've
included an estimate and some calculations below for reference.

As I recall...

Masonry sand is the finest grade available.  You won't find any small
pebbles in this.  However, if the grains are too fine, they'll clump.

You want double-washed sand if you can get it.  Unwashed sand still
has a lot of dirt in it which will clump when wet.

Sand of a river-bottom variety is also a good thing for
volleyball...but I can't remember why.  I think the grains are

I've heard of "round-grain" sand that is smoother...but the aggregate
supplier I talked with in Austin wasn't familiar with any such

Here's a snip from an email documenting my quest for more sand for an
existing court.  The calculations may be somewhat useful for you.
June 1996
The following estimate came from
Austin Sand & Gravel
901 Dalton Ln

Since the court should be approximately 30'x60', I estimated the area
of the sand pit to be 40 feet x 70 feet.
40'x70' = 2800 ft^2
I assumed that 4 inches of sand would provide adequate supplemental
coverage.  The volume of sand required would be:
2800 ft^2   x   0.33ft   = 924 ft^3   x  1yd^3 /(3ft)^3  = 35 yd^3

The sand company said that 1 cubic yard of sand weighs 1.4 tons.
35 yd^3  x 1.4 tons/yd^3  =  49 tons

The rate for washed Mortar/Masonry sand (sand that is screened to
remove all rock and is soft enough for use on volleyball courts) costs
$10.20/ton if delivered to this site.  49 tons x $10.20/ton = $500
Alternatively, this sand costs $140 per truck load.  4 truckloads
would be required for this volume of sand.
The grand total:  4 trucks x $140/truck = $560

More info on building the sand courts is available here:

I highly recommend Kessel's article:

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