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Re: Tournament organization

Arpie McQueen <> writes:
> I'm organizing an outdoor tournament for a picnic and while I'm not
> trying to attract pro teams, I want to play by the rules and keep it
> fair for 4-person team play. I'm familiar with the rules I'll be using,
> but want to know how many games are standard for a match (3?). Can
> someone help me out with the organizational details or point me in the
> right cyber direction? Thanks!

Bravo!  Enlightened is the tournament director that documents and
familiarizes the rules under which they're conducting a tournament.

I'd be happy to suggest a rules statement patterned after the

As for formats, I'd strongly recommend reading USA Volleyball's brief,
readable, 4-page guide: "Conducting Outdoor Tournaments."  That should
answer all your questions:

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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