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Re: Look for the _opportunities_, people... think nonlinearly

"L. Ravi Narasimhan" <> writes:
> Todd wrote:
> > If you're in the former camp, and get really really bothered by ball
> > handling being let go, and want the liability of having an untrained
> > person (or no person at all) facilitating your volleyball match, have
> > at it--get rid of the refs.  Good luck should you have an intense
> > rivalry or a single hot-headed player that gets out of control.
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> This is the opportunity here.
> Yes, there will be heated arguments.  How can we use this to grow the
> game?  How about each team designating a special player, The
> Mano-a-manero, to settle call disputes.  This player and his counterpart
> would fight in a sand pit by the side of the main court for, say, ten or
> fifteen seconds.  The team whose player inflicts the most damage wins
> that particular call. 


I'm intrigued. Anyone know what Hollywood Hogan's approach vertical
is.  :-)

(picturing Happy Gilmore's fight with Bob Barker on the golf course)


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