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Re: portable net systems

"Brian Paulsen" <> writes:
> Tom Z <> wrote in message
> >
> > Any of your friends have the Cobra?  I'm looking at it very serious-
> > but would be more comfortable with one or two more personal experi-
> > ences along the lines of "yeah, they're decent systems, durable
> > (parts don't break, net lasts a while), etc."
> I don't think anybody has the Cobra.  I only have two complaints with the
> Spectrum:
> 1) Poles aren't totally adjustable.  They have notches for the different
> regulation heights, but sometimes the area where you put the pole is a
> little too low, and you would like to nudge the net up a bit.  You can't do
> it with the Spectrum.  This happens often in the sand.

This is frustrating.  I've been able to address the issue pretty
easily in the sand, however.  I've fashioned my own sand anchors for
the guy lines from 5-gallon bucket lids, some cable-core clothesline
and a few washers (someone on this forum suggested it).  To deal with
the net height, I just use two extra lids underneath the poles.  You
can add sand beneath the bucket lids to adjust the height.  Without a
platform like the lid, the P&S will invariably be low in the sand.

There's no easy solution in the grass, however.  It would be nice if
the P&S had 4" worth of continuous adjustability on the net height.

> 2) The net doesn't come off of the poles.  So, if you go somewhere that they
> have poles permanently in the ground, you can't just hook a net up
> to it.

Indeed, this is a tradeoff.  The attached net makes set up quick, but
decreases flexibility.

As I've told Tom, if I had it to do over again, I'd look seriously at
the Cobra (as he has), and perhaps the Centerline system.


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