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Created 2/22/2000

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Club volleyball isn't necessarily cheap. Based on past experience, it's important that I be completely forthright with the finances so potential players know what they'll be asked to contribute. Sponsorship or fund raising dollars vary from year to year. Some may choose not to pursue and sponsorhip or funding at all. But there will be a fair amount of money changing hands. Here's a run-down of the club expenses, and an estimate of individual responsibility based on the 1999-2000 season., and expectations for the current year. Exact costs will vary by year due to varying tournament fees, and by practice gym.
From:  Todd H. 
Subject: Finances.  ("Where's all this money going anyway?")
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 21:31:31 -0600 (CST)

Discounting the USAV membership fee of $38, and tryout gym money that
was collected separately, here's what these $100 chunks are financing:

Club expenses for the season are estimated as:
Practice gym fees
1999-2000:    $127/person (23 practices, $100/night = $2300/18 people).
2000-2001:    $63/person  (23 practices, $50/night = $1150/18 people)

Uniforms (99-00): ($479.45 shirts + $417.50 shorts)/18 = ~$50/person
Uniforms (00-01): ~$75/person  (2 nice jerseys, one or 2 t-shirts, 2
                               shorts.  No one wants to do laundry at

Team fees will include:
Tournament entry fees:  ~12 tournaments each team (Dec-May).
    $12*100/8   =~ $150/head

Nationals entry fee: $675 per team / ~8 players/team =~ $85/head
    (hotel and meals will be handled separately)

All told, that's $375/player that we need to collect over the course
of the season.  $150 will be secured from you in November.  The second
$100 is due in January.  Depending on our tournament income and
Bowl-a-Thon efforts, there may be installments required.  Our fundraiser
is structured such that you receive direct benefit from all the funds you
raise--so you have control over your share of the money. 

Sponsorship money collected and the bowl-a-thon proceeds will decrease
these liabilities, so obviously it is in our best interest to bring in
some bucks for the bowl-a-thon!

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