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Re: Contact under the net, outdoor USAV rules? Blair) writes:
> Last night, we were playing doubles and I went up for a hit.  I hit a
> shot to the corner, over the blocker, that was an easy kill.  The
> blocker didn't touch it and the defender was 10 feet away.
> Here is the problem...  There was contact under the net after I hit the
> ball.  I was probably under the net, but I am not positive.  For the
> sake of this arguement, lets assume that I was under the net.  I didn't
> nail the guy really hard, but enough that both of us went down.  He
> claimed there was contact under the net, I said even if there was, I
> didn't interfere with their play.  According to USAV rules, that should
> be OK.
> Rule 15.2.1     Players may partially or completely cross the center
> line below the netor outside the poles, either before, during or after
> a legal play of the ball, provided this does not interfere with the
> opponents play.  Incidental contact with an opponent is ignored, unless
> such contact interferes with the opponent's opportunity to play the
> ball.
> The only arguement he could have is the definition of incidental.  Does
> it mean minor, or does it mean inconsequetial or not deliborate?
> What do you think?  

Tweet.  Bad Bart.    :)

  O15.2.1.1 If a player crosses the center line and interferes with an
  opponent during the continuation of a play, it is a
  fault, regardless of the opponent's ability to play the ball.

Also, since your contact sent the player to the ground, it would be
difficult to rule such contact as incidental by 15.2.1

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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