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Contact below the waist writes:
> Is it legal for the ball to hit you below your waist? I was told that
> there was a new rule this year that it is legal for a ball to hit you
> below the waist(ie. like a kick save in hockey). If this is true can
> you
> tell me the exact wording of the rule and where to find it?

Welcome to!

This is a frequently asked question.  Please consult for answers to this and other
common questions.  Or, visit my refereeing web page listed below for
other rules-related items.

The answer is legal under USA Volleyball and FIVB rule to hit
the ball with any part of your body.  The only exception is in outdoor
6-person competition in which you can't contact the ball with anything
below your knee.

1997 USAV indoor rules: 
        14.4.1.  The ball may touch any part of the body.

1997 USAV outdoor rules
13.4.1 A player may touch the ball with any part of  the body. For Six-player competition only:  the ball may be
        touched with any part of the body on or above the knee.

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                  Todd H.
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