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Re: Newbie Question about bumping and serving

"Tim Jaw" <> writes:
> Hi all.  I have a question.   I don't play v-ball competitively or
> anything, but I just have two questions.  When you serve, do you hit the
> ball with the palm and fingers of your hand or the heel of the palm?

Palm and fingers give you more control on an overhand serve.  The heel
of the hand is commonly used in underhand serves.

>Also, when you bump, what's the proper way to have your hands?

Volleyball prudes (myself included) are not too keen on "bumping," but
we do like to "pass."  There is no universal consensus on hand
placement, however there are few common techniques--all of which open
up your forearms to provide a flat "passing platform."

1) open both palms facing up.  Place the straight fingers of your left
hand over the straight fingers of the right hand in a V formation.
(Catholics can receive communion this way.)  Now fold your thumbs
inward such that they line up next to each other and point straight
away from you.  The outer edges of your palms will also touch each


2)  Make a fist with your left hand such that your thumb points over
the first segment of your index finger, just to the left of the 2nd
joint.  Take the fingers of your right hand and cover the fingers of
the left hand.  Your thumbs should come together and point straight
away from you.

or, stranger still

3)  Make two fists as described in #2 and place them together.  The
second segment of each finger will touch the same finger of the
opposite hand.  The thumbs will be together and pointing away from
you.  To connect your hands, you can lace the pinkies together.

With all 3 techniques, pointing your thumbs towards the floor helps
open up your forearms to provide a flat passing platform.  You should
pass the ball on the meaty part of your forearm.

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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