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Re: Backrow attack, not quite simple as it sounds.

"Teron Uy" <> writes:

[excellent disection of the rules deleted]
[this situation was intensely discussed at a rules clinic yesterday in
Des Plaines, IL]

> Scenario 1:
> CALL?:  Play continues


> Scenario 2:
> My setter jumps to set the ball but all she does is put up a fist hoping to
> set it straight up, it penetrates the net ( part on our side part on
> opponent's side), opponent blocks it back.
> CALL?:  Play continues?

Play continues if there's a teammate in the middle.  Was the flight of
the ball toward that teammate?  If so, play continues.  If not, BRA.

> How about this one(this occurred a lot with my team)
> Scenario 3: ( no one at the Festival called a violation and let play
> continue )
> Setter on 2nd contact, tips the ball towards the opponent.  The ball
> penetrates the net ( part on our side and part on the opponent's side), the
> opponent blocks it back.
> CALL?: Backrow attack violation?

If the ball is tipped toward the opponent, the flight of the ball is
not towards a teammate.  The exception of 18.1 does not apply, hence
this action is a BRA.

> It would seem that according to 18.1 and 18.3 that intent would matter. 
> That is, it matters whether the ball was passed to a teammate or not. 

Strictly, intent does not matter.  It's the flight of the ball that
matters.  Commentary 18.1 states "...if the flight of the contacted
ball is toward a teammate."

Hence, your judgement should hinge on where the ball is headed, rather
than having to guess the setter's intent.  :)

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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