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position fault (Was: *** Rule Question ***)

In article <01bc8113$a39453e0$>,
Michael Solovy <> wrote:
> the score was 12-5
>The up-official noticed that our two middles were in the
>wrong order.  The front middle should of been in the back and the back
>middle in the front.  Our coach pleaded that they couldn't take all our
>points away because it was the down-referee's fault that the mix-up was not
>noticed.  Our coach told the up-ref that we should continue serving and
>that the middles should be allowed to switch since the down-ref did not
>catch the mistake.  In the end the other team got a side-out and we got to
>keep our points.

After reviewing the rules and learning the difference between a
rotation and position fault, I say:

The referee should have awarded a side out to penalize the position
fault.  Provided the correct server was serving when all of this was
noticed, all previously scored points should stand.

This was certainly a position fault--the middles were in the wrong
position.  At the very least, it's a side out and the other team gets
the ball.

As for the points, it's rather interesting--the rules do not state
that these points get cancelled for a _position_ fault (like this).
Points only get canceled for a rotation (service order) fault.  The
way I read the rules here, as long as the current server on your team
is the correct server, all points he scored during his term of service

In my usual style, here are the applicable rules for your perusal:

USAV indoor 1996-97 rules

10.3 Position Faults
10.3.1 The players of a team commit a position fault if they are not
in their correct positions at the moment the ball is contacted by the
server [Rule 10.1.3].
10.3.3 The position fault is penalized with the loss of a rally [Rule
13.2.1], and the players are placed in tehir correct positions.

10.4 Rotation Faults
10.4.1 A rotation fault is committed when the service is not made
according to the rotation order [Rule 9.2].  The results are the same
as a postition fault [Rule 10.3.3].

The scorekeeper should determine the exact moment the rotation fault
was committed.  All points scored subsequently by the team at fault
must be canceled.  If the points scored while the player was out of
rotation order cannot be determined or the opponents have served, then
a loss of rally is the only penalty charged.  The opponents retain any
points scored.

Soooooo.... it looks like that as long as the server was correct, then
there is no _rotation_ fault, only a position fault.  As such, side
out, your points stand.  I can go home early--I already learned
somethin' today.  If, however, I've completely botched this
interpretation, someone please let me know!

Best Regards,

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
           "So you're a Ref and an engineer? 
                 Oh that explains it...."


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