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Re: net cable... in or out?

Bill <> writes:
> I've always played the cable going from the net to the post was in play,
> even though it is usually angled up to the post so a ball headed out
> could bounce off it and back in.  Also, the little dowel that is in the
> net (not the big posts) can deflect a ball back in.
> Do some places call these out?  I've seen nothing in the rulebook except
> that the big posts are used as antenna in outdoors (unless there are
> antennae).
> Thanks,
> Bill

USA Volleyball indoor rule 12.4.3 states:

  12.4 The ball is "out" when:
  12.4.3  it contacts an antenna, rope, post or the net itself outside an
  antenna/side band

The USAV outdoor rule [] is the same.

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
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