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Re: Why different US rule sets? (was Re: Incidental net contact)

"Chris Meijer" <> writes:
>  Kevin Lentin wrote in article <5v33ub$rfm$>...
> >Based on what I read here I'm glad I don't ref US rules. There are just
> so
> >many subjective calls in your rules. No wonder you have a signal for 'all
> >clear'.
> >
> Hear hear!
> Maybe we can start a discussion about the reasons behind the 
> different rule sets in the US. From what i've read in this newsgroup
> there is not one differing rule set in the US, but they invented 
> more than one.
> Why are there multiple american rule sets?
> What does it take to have all US volleyball organizations 
> accept the FIVB rules as the single rule set?
> Chris Meijer, FIVB ruling dutch ref.

It's rather ironic how Kevin's reference to the "all clear" or "no
foul" signal even varies among various US Rulesets.  There is so such
signal used in USA Volleyball, however, I believe it's commonly used
in NFHSA matches.

Everyone seems to want to play by their own rules, I guess--a holdover
of that pioneer concept of rugged individualism ;-P Perhaps it's a
power thing--no organization wants to give in to another
organization's rules.  

The one notable exception to this hypothesis is the USAV outdoor
ruleset which have come more and more in-line with FIVB Beach Rules in
recent years.  Here, the WPVA (Women's Professional Volleyball
Association), I believe, made a conscious effort to make their rules
more like those of the FIVB international tour in which many of their
players compete.

It certainly would be easier for the officials if everyone played by
the same rule set!  Here are the rule sets of which I am aware in the

NAGWS   National Assoc. for Girls and Women in Sport
        NCAA women's college, some women's High School
        Based on USAV rules with a few significant differences
NFHSA   "Federation" Rules--High School
        Much different than USAV on many counts
USAV    Most other play in the US including Junior Olympic and adult 
        programs.  Contains separate indoor and Beach rule books.
AVP     Men's Pro Beach 2's
CBVA    California Beach Volleyball Association

Finally, there has been some significant loosening of the rules in USA
Volleyball over the past few years.  There are many who would argue
that this has taken a lot of the precision out of the game.  For
instance, receiving the first ball with a sloppy double-contacted hand
set is not something you necessarily want to allow when high school
kids are first learning the game.  Perhaps letting novice players kick
the ball isn't the safest practice, or one that's good for the
development of solid volleyball skills.

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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