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Re: Contact under net . . . (Paul Thayer) writes:
> Setter sets tight in the middle.  Middle blocker goes to attack the
> ball while the other team's blocker attempts to block it.  A joust
> of sorts results with the ball landing over the net for an apparent
> kill.  However, in the course of the attack the hitter lands on the
> center line but not over (i.e. there is no violation for crossing
> under the net); the hitter bumps the legs of the blocker (roughly at
> the same time the attack/block occurred, if that matters) while
> landing on the center line.
> Is the contact under the net (when no center line violation has
> occurred) anything more than that?  Is it interference on the
> attacker since the blocker wasn't even on the center line (he was
> entirely on his side of the court)?  Couldn't you just as easily
> call interference on the blocker?

This case is a "play on," provided the attacker's contact with the
blocker did not prevent the blocker from making a further defensive
play on the jousted ball.  The blocker cannot be called for
interference while completely in his own playing space.

And...I can't disappoint Earl.......

USAV 1997-98 indoor rule:
16.3 Penetration Under the Net
 16.3.1 A player may reach or penetrate into the opponent's court
 and/or space under the net, provided this does not interfere with the
 opponent's play.
 16.3.2 Penetration into the opponent's court, beyond the center line
 to: touch the oppoent's court with (a) hand(s), foot or feet is
  permitted, provided some part of the penetrating hands(s)/food/feet
  remains either in contact with or directly above the center line; contact the oppoent's court with any other part of the body
  (except hair) is a faul.
 16.3 A player may enter the opponent's court only after the ball is
 out of play [Rule 12.2]. A player may enter into the opponent's free
 zone provided this does not interfere with the opponent's play.

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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