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Rotation Fault Confession (was Re: Rules interpretation)

"Jeff Helgerson" <> writes:
> Here's the situation.  Score is tied 13-13.  Team B has just called a
> timeout after they lost their serve.  Team B informs the scorer's table that
> they have been serving out of rotation for the last 9 points.  Neither Team
> A or the officials discovered the error until Team B informed them of it.
> What's the call?
> Team B's coach said because they discovered their own error there is no
> penalty.  Play resumed without a penalty.  We didn't have a rule book handy.

Team B is a silly silly team.  I am aware of no interpretation that
grants team B immunity from being penalized just because they

Regardless of how the officiating crew is notified of the error, the
points must be subtracted.  Had team B waited until team A served the
ball just once, the points would stay.

USAV 1997-98 indoor rules:
10.4.1 A rotation fault is committed when the service is not made
       according to the rotation order [Rule 9.2].  The results are
       the same as a position fault [Rule 10.3.3].

10.4.2 The scorekeeper should determine the exact moment the rotation
       fault was committed.  All points scored subsequently by the
       team at fault must be canceled.  If the points scored while the
       player was out of rotation order cannot be determined or the
       opponents have served, then a loss of rally is the only penalty
       charged.  The opponents retain any points scored.

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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