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Ball crossing outside antenna, net violation (was: Rule Interpret...)

Kelly J Small <> writes:
> I need opinions on the following scenario using USAVB rules.  The
> outside hitter mis-times his spike and the result was hitting the
> ball outside the antenna, and below the top net cord.  In other
> words, between the two net cords, and between the net and the pole.

Under USAV indoor rules, the ball is out (dead) when:

14.4.4 it completely crosses the vertical plane of the net, partly or
       totally outside the crossing space.

(Note, this is different from USAV outdoor rules which keep the ball
live until it touches the ground (except on the 3rd contact) in such a

> After the hit, but before the ball touched the ground, the blocker
> netted.  Normally I would say the blocker committed a net before the
> ball was dead, but since the ball went outside the antenna and
> passed the plane of the net, was it dead at that point?  In which
> case, the ball was dead before the net violation occured.

The operative question is:  did the player contact the net before or
after the ball completely crossed the plane of the net outside the
crossing space?  

If before: net violation.  Hitter's team wins the rally.

If after: ball out, blocker's team wins the rally.

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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