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Chicago 'burbs Volleyball Tournament this Weekend

Men's and Co-rec tournament this weekend in Streamwood.  Cash prizes.
T-shirts for all teams.

Streamwood Park District is pleased to be offering two open volleyball
tournaments this fall-- Adult Men (18 years+) and Adult Co-Rec (18
years+).  Registration is open to the first eight teams.  Teams must
have a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8 players.  Teams are guaranteed
four matches in pool play.  After the first round, the top six teams
from pool play will advance to the quarter finals.  The top two seeds
will receive byes to teh smi-finals.

Pool play consists of two-game matches to 15 points.  Matches from teh
quarter-finals on will consist of the best 2-of-3 to 15 points.  Each
team will receive seven tournament t-shirts.  1st place team receives
$125; 2nd place team receives $75.

Ages: 18 year and up Location: Park Place Family Rec. Center 550
S. Park Blvd. Streamwood, IL Minimum 6 teams Maximum: 8 teams

Men's Saturday Oct 25
Corec Sunday Oct 26

8am check-in
9am games begin


For more info, call Paul Carani at 630-372-7275, ext. 105.  Please, no
replies to this email.  

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