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Re: Attacking the serve?

Ooops.  Thanks for clearing that up Jerod.  You are correct, the
block/attack distinction does lead to interesting judgement calls,
especially in this instance.  I really hope the proposed high school
rule changes go through next year!


"Jerod Stovern" <> writes:
> Todd <> wrote in article <>...
> > (Matthew W. Dicksion) writes:
> > High school rules do allow you to attack and block the serve, so this
> > person was not completely wrong. 
> To perhaps clarify the High School rule a little more, you can only BLOCK
> the serve, you can NOT attack/spike the serve; while the ball is above the
> plain of the net.  Unfortunately this can lead to some judgement calls.
> I don't believe it is legal to ATTACK the serve in any rule set.

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