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Re: Uniform question writes:
> Quick question about uniforms--do the numbers on the front and back of the
> uniform need to be the same color?
> Would appreciate insight before my team invests in a screening job.

Although there is a tiny bit of room for debate on this, the rules
imply that the same color should be used for all numbers on all
jerseys.  To be safe, I'd suggest sticking to this recommendation.

1997-98 USAV indoor rules: The numbers must be a different and contrasting color to the
         jerseys with a minimum height of 4" on the front and 6" on
         the back.  Each uniform jersey must use the same color and
         number height for all team members.  The stripe forming the
         numbers hall have a minimum width of 3/4"

The implication is that all uniform numbers must be the same color
(singular, not plural "colors") for all jerseys.  I would further
interpret this to stipulate that front and back numbers must be of the
same color as well.  One is the number of colors thine numbers shall
have, and the number of colors in the numbers shall be one.  Two is
one too many.  Three is right out. (Oh, it's gettin' late when Monty
Python hits the brain).

Be sure the color of the numbers contrasts to the color of the jersey.
And while you're at it, be sure that the front numbers are not up near
the shoulder where they'll be buried in the folds.  Ideally, front
numbers should be in the middle of the chest...which surprises a lot
of people: The number must be placed in the center of the back.  For the
        front it is recommended and required by the 1998 season that
        the top of the number be no more than 5" down from the
        shoulder seam and that the medial edge of the number be no
        more than 3" from the midline of the jersey.  Numbers must be
        placed so as to be clearly visible at all times.  

One of our esteemed rsv contributors is rumored to have measured
numbers at a tournament last year.

Finally, if you really want to go by the book, a 3"x 3/4" bar
underlining the captain's front number is suggested.  It can be
contructed of a number "1" with its head cut off (R 4.2.2).

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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