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Individual screening (Re: Down in Front -- Rule or Courtesy?) (Rick Strobel) writes:
> A player on the receiving team says "down in front" to the setter on
> the serving team in a Men's B Quads recreational league.  That
> player is saying in effect "I can't see the server, and it's your
> responsibility to move out of the way so I can see".
> The other two players are not crowded next to the setter, they are
> well spaced out on the court in a normal diamond alignment.
> He's the only person in the league who ever says this.  
> My question: What is the rule on this?  If there is no rule, is it
> considered good sportsmanship to move a bit?  Or, is it the
> receiver's responsibility to position himself so he can see the
> server?

What you describe is referred to as an "individual screen."  For the
sake of this question, we'll set aside the collective screen in which
two or more players are involved in obscuring the server.

Are you playing indoors or outdoors?  It makes a big difference on
this issue.

If indoors, you're in a fuzzy area as indoor rules don't formally
address 4's play.  If indoor 6's rules apply in your league, then the
complainer does not have a valid point--it's the receiver's
responsibility to move and see around an individual player.  The
middle front player of the serving team is legal as long as he doesn't
wave his arms, jump or move sideways when the ball is served...AND the
ball is served over him.  This last bit is important--a screen doesn't
occur unless the ball is served over the player in question.  

Outdoors, however, it's a different situation. USAV outdoor rules are
written to handle 2's 3's 4's and 6's competition.  These rules state
specifically "On an opponent's request, a player must move sideways or
bend over or down."  No such wording is present in the indoor rules.

> My opinion: It's the receiver's responsibility.  Assuming that the
> serving team is not deliberately trying to screen the view of the
> receivers.  Furthermore, I think this player is just into mind games
> and trying to distract the opponents with these little remarks.

Your opinion is consistent with USAV indoor rules.  USAV outdoor
rules, however, grant the receiving team more rights w.r.t. screen
prevention.  Ask your league director which rules apply to this

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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