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Re: Beach rules question

"J Parrish" <> writes:
> Ok I have been playing on the beach for about 5 five years now and this
> one's new to me.  While playing in my men's sand doubles league I dug a ball
> that sailed high and appeared to be coming down right on top of the net.  My
> partner jump to make a played on the ball when he realized that the ball had
> carried over the net a few inches so he laid off and let the ball drop.
> When my partner landed he stepped under the net to keep his balance, and the
> ball hit him in the foot.  Interference right?  Well that's the call that
> was made, but my question is does it matter that the other team had no play
> on the ball what so ever, the ball hit my partner no higher then three or
> four inches from the sand, and the closest opposing player was about ten
> feet away from the ball, and made no movement at playing the ball.  Just
> Wandering if we made the right call.   Thanks

Great question...I think this one is covered in the USAV case book in
the outdoor rules section.  I will check to verify this, but I'm under
the strong impression that there would be no violation here.  The foot
is considered part of the sand in this instance.  As long as the
person who penetrated under the net did not interfere with the
opponent's play on the ball, no fault is committed.

I'll check the casebook and follow up with a correction in case my
recollection is incorrect.

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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