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Re: Possible Net Violation? (contact with post, snaps post)

Jeff Little <> writes:
> My partner and I were playing at a tournament a week ago and something
> happened that I have never encountered before and it caused quite a bit
> of controversy. In the middle of an important point I set my partner way
> too far outside and close to the net. He went up and hit the ball but
> his forward momentum carried him into the post, which subsequently
> snapped (it was a PVC type material). Since he kept the ball in play we
> felt it should be a replay but the other team insisted that contacting
> the post is a foul, same as contacting the net and the ref agreed. My
> questions are, were they right, and assuming that the net didn't fall to
> the ground, is simply contacting the post a foul? I have never
> encountered this before indoors or out and would like the rulings for
> both indoors and out for contacting the post. Additionally, if
> contacting the post is not a foul then what would the ruling be on a
> snapped post other than don't set someone out that far. :)

Here's the rule you want from the USA Beach Volleyball rules:

        2.5    If Tournament Regulations specify that antennas are not
               use, the posts shall act as antennas in all cases
               except those involving player contact [Rule 15.3.3].

        15.3.3 Once a player has contacted the ball, the player may
               touch the posts, ropes or any other object outside the
               total length of the net provided this does not
               interfere with play.  

And the indoor wording is quite similar:

        16.4.2 A player may touch a post, rope or any other object
               outside the total length of the net provided this
               contact does not interfere with play.

As much as I hate to disagree with Wally (usually a Bad Idea) ... if
the post snapped as a result of the contact, I'd have to think this
would be considered "interfering with play" and therefore a fault.  If
the post remained intact, indeed, no fault occurs.

The ref and the players' argument was false--in general, contact with
the post is not a fault.  In this instance, however, I'd say the rules
show a strong case for insisting on a fault.  If snapping the net post
in half doesn't interfere with play, I'm not sure what would!

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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