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Re: Possible Net Violation? (contact with post, snaps post) (Wally Hendricks) writes:
> Todd said:
> >Here's the rule you want from the USA Beach Volleyball rules:
> >
> >        15.3.3 Once a player has contacted the ball, the player may
> >               touch the posts, ropes or any other object outside the
> >               total length of the net provided this does not
> >               interfere with play.  
> >
> >The ref and the players' argument was false--in general, contact with
> >the post is not a fault.  In this instance, however, I'd say the rules
> >show a strong case for insisting on a fault.  If snapping the net post
> >in half doesn't interfere with play, I'm not sure what would!
> >
> Interfering with play, both indoors and outdoors refers to
> interference with the opponent's attempt to play a ball.  It does
> not mean "play" as we might understand it more broadly.  Since it is
> legal to touch the pole, it is an equipment failure if the touch
> results in the net falling down.  Replay.  Of course, you cannot go
> over and tear down the pole because your partner just gave the
> opponent's a free-ball on a bad serve reception!

Wally, thanks for the clarification on "play."  See, I knew my
instincts were correct regarding disagreeing with you.  :-)

If running into the post _and_ causing the net to fail is legal, then
I'm still wondering what sorts of action the authors of the rule had
in mind when they added the exception "provided this does not
interfere with play" to rule B15.3.3/I16.4.2.  

I'm having trouble envisioning a scenario where touching the net post
or cable would interfere with an opponent's play on the ball.  I would
think that any such interference based on penetrating the opponent's
free zone would be covered by B15.2.1 or I16.3.3.  

Stated another way... if you're on your side of the net/its extension,
and you touch the post or equipment outside the net, what could an
enterprising player actually do to interfere with play (grenades

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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