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Re: Volleyball Rules (VBCoacher) writes:

> Why do the rules have to change every year?  I am sure that Mr.
> Morgane is rolling over in his grave at some of the things that are
> being brought into the game.

I don't believe that rule changes are necessarily bad.  As the game
and the skills of its participants evolve, the rules should change to
keep pace.  The 95/6 changes w.r.t. first contacts indoors have
improved individual skills and lengthened rallies.  Service anywhere
along the endline has also brought interesting nuances to serve

I'm not convinced we need new rules _every_year_ (it sure is a pain as
a ref) but from time to time rules changes are good for the game.
This past year, for instance, there were no changes to the indoor
USAV rules.  

> In addition, why can't there be ONE set of rules that govern the
> entire volleyball world?  Why do there have to be rule differences
> for high school and college ball?  or even college and international
> play?
> I say that we get all of the volleyball gurus from around the world,
> and agree on ONE set of volleyball rules that will be enforced all
> around the world...and at all levels of competition.  (With maybe
> the exception for elementary school teams)
> This would eliminate a LOT of confusion, and questioning of rules,
> and rule interpretations. sure would be a Good Thing.  Unfoturnately, there are too
many volley-empires built in US right now, all of whom are protective
of their subtleties in their indoor rules.  At least we see movement
in the direction of unification.  Federation and NAGWS rules are both
moving closer to USAV, and USAV has never been too far from FIVB, AFAI
can tell.

I will say this though: One place where USAV rules excel is in the
Beach ruleset.  The FIVB Beach ruleset is very focused--aimed at
2-person competition, with referees, and full equipment (including
antennas).  The USAV Beach rules, however, serve a unique purpose.  

USAV Beach rules are written to cover 6's 4's 3's and 2's competition
with/without refs, with/without net antennas.  This is one place where
a unique ruleset has its place because the international beach rules
fall short in flexibility for the vast majority of grass-roots

When I was asked to put a "rules" document together for a local
tournament series (, I intended to
use FIVB beach rules since they're freely available on-line.  Once I
got into the FIVB Beach rulebook, though, it became clear that the
USAV Beach rules were a far better match to cover leagues and
tournaments with 2's 3's and 4's competition without certified

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
Todd's Volleyball Referee Page

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