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Re: VOLLEYBALL and being politicially correct

"JLeslie" <> writes:
> > Don't you think it's time we became a bit more enlightened?  Cite any
> > signficant negative preconceptions (prejudices) you've ever
> > experienced because you're male.  
> You mean you don't think there are any negative preconceived notions or
> prejudices regarding males?  

Of course not.  The key word in my assertion is "significant."  

There are a lot of prejudices against men...but I can't think of one
of them that's ever effected my self-esteem, or that I've ever felt
was unfair, or prevented me from being judged fairly.  Furthermore, I
haven't run into any men who are too wound up about this either.

Hence, if a female league coordinator wrote a thanks to all the
attractive men that have come into a co-rec league, I as a man
wouldn't care.  Why?  Because I haven't had to rise above any limiting

A male director saying the same thing about women, however, is clearly
patronizing...because there's a history of problems associated with
men objectifying and belittling women.

> This whole string was started because of just such a notion.  I'm
> sure that Bramvolley wasn't trying to be sexist with his
> comments.....but prejudices and preconceived notions about males
> turned his comments into a sexest insult.  

This is a classic "blame the victim" view.  That is, you're blaming
women for having preconceived notions of men as sexist pigs.  If women
do have such preconceived notions, I'm betting they didn't crop up out
of nowhere.  Again, when dealing with sensitivity issues--be they
cultural, sexual, or ethnic--it's all about history and established
patterns of unfair treatment.

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