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Re: Rules: are they on the Web?

"David A. Teich" <> writes:
> I just got involved in vball for the first time in a while. The
> group is pretty much lower level intermediate. I was having problems
> agreeing with them on the parts of the body that can be used. I use
> to have a rule book, lost in one of many moves, that I thought
> listed type of surface and number of people as far as upper body or
> full body.
> They say they use USVBA rules.

USVBA became USAV some years ago (93?  94?), as other posters were
mentioning in other threads.  If an organizations states that USVBA
rules are used, you may be in for a surprise if you expect the latest
USAV rules to be in effect.  Many significant changes have occurred in
the past few years.  One of them made playing the ball with any part
of the body (including the intentional use of the feet) legal.  The
only restriction is that you must serve the ball with hand or arm.

> I searched Yahoo! and didn't find a reference. I did look on the
> USAV sight and they didn't list the rules, but instead want to sell
> me a copy. I don't want to wast paper and dollars. Is there an
> official list somewhere on the net?

You can get FIVB rules at or

USAV rules are not available on the web. The AVCA and VIP control the
distribution of the official USA Volleyball rules.  Thus far, they
have been unwilling to provide them on the web...and their basis for
denying such posting is quite shortsighted.  See here for more info:

Here's what happened when someone tried to volunteer an HTML version
of the USAV rules...the AVCA threatened legal action!:

To voice your opinions on this situation, you can contact the

    Regina Sullivan
    Director of Projects and Programs
    Volleyball Informational Products
    1227 Lake Plaza Drive, Suite B
    Colorado Springs, CO  80906
    719-576-7777, x107, 719-576-7778 (fax)

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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