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Re: Rules: are they on the Web?

"Jim McMath" <> writes:
> I have been reading this thread and would like to make some
> observations that came out of the USA National meetings in Tucson,
> AZ about this subject.  Some points of clarification.
> 1.  USA Volleyball owns the rulebook not AVCA.  You can contact your
>     region commissioner or USA Volleyball, 3595 E. Fountain Blvd.,
>     Suite I-2, Colorado Springs, CO 80910-1740, Tel (719) 637-8300
>     to order it, or order it through VIP's toll free number
>     1-800-275-8782. VIP is a joint division of USA Volleball and
>     AVCA.
> 2.  USA Volleyball owns the copyright to the USA Volleyball
>     Rulebook. Hence, this is the major reason (read revenue
>     generating) it is not on the Web.
> 3.  USA Volleyball has begun the process to evaluate the need for
>     its own Web Server.  No definative plans were presented on when
>     it would be available or what materials would be stored on it.
> Not trying to flame anyone, just trying to bring some additional
> information to light.

Excellent!  Thanks for the clarifications and the first-hand

So who are the folks involved with the USAV web project?  In other
words, what cages would one rattle to make the case for having rules
on the web?  Where are the decisions being made?

As I've stated before, having the USAV provide rules on the web would
do some great things: 

   1. Increase revenue via membership, rulebook, casebook, and other
      USAV publication sales.

      On the web, the business model is: Give something away for free
      (in this case rules text); attract loads of traffic to the web
      site; market the handy pocket-sized printed rulebook, casebook,
      officiating guide, officials guide, scoresheets, USAV
      membership; revenue increases more than you ever thought

   2. Increase awareness of USAV as _the_ national governing body for
      the sport of volleyball in the USA.

   3. Encourage understanding of and participation in the sport by
      providing a meaningful rules reference on-line.  

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
Todd's Volleyball Referee Page

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