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Re: Hand Signals? (DSkel24784) writes:

> Forgive the question, but, I play mostly indoor and friends of mine
> invited me to play some two-man beach.  I was ok until they started
> giving hand signals behind thier back to me.  I didn't have a clue
> what they were trying to tell me!  What are they telling me and/or
> where can I look-up what these mean?

Your partner is telling you how he's going to block each of the two

The index finger ("1") indicates that your partner is intending to
block the line.  This leaves you responsible for angle and cut.  Be
sure not to telegraph this coverage to the hitter, or they'll head
"over line" on you with a gentle roll over the block.

The index and middle fingers spread apart at an angle ("2") tell you
that your partner will block angle, leaving your responsible for
digging line.  

The third/fourth signals aren't so universal, so be sure to ask your
partner.  To some, a fist means "no block"  to other a fist means "I'm
blocking ball"

If a fist measns "blocking ball" to your partner, their sign for no
block will probably be all 5 fingers open.

For more great indoor to outdoor info, check out Tom Wilson's article

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