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Re: Outdoor rule question (AVP, first contact, hard-driven)

Once again for the casual readers...this discussion is about AVP rules
which are seldom used outside of the AVP men's doubles tour seen on
TV.  In your local leagues, YMMV.

"John C. Dalton" <> writes:
> I'm surprised they don't define attack in the rules, how do I get a
> current rule book anyhow?  Maybe I will e-mail the folks over at
> beachmania and ask how to get one...

Lifted from:

        The AVP rulebook may be purchased from the AVP at (310) 577
        0775. Cost as of 6/1998 is $5.00.

These rules are also conveniently available online courtesy of Tom
Jack's Volleyball Worldwide:

> There should be some mention(re: attack) somewhere in regards to
> open hand contact.  From what I hear(totally non-official, just
> heresay at this point), if the ball is 'hard-driven' it is generally
> considered an attack.  Thus the player can dig the ball by any means
> possible, even a lift.  I think this is the only time on the beach
> when a lift is valid.  Of course I'm talking within reason here, you
> can't catch it and throw it up, but I'm talking about hands at waist
> level, palms up, and separated type of dig.
> Anyhow, I'm wondering if in that section(digging) if there is any
> mention or definition of attack.  Can you check it out?  Thanks.
> *** john

Nope...I can't find an attack defined anywhere in AVP rules.  USAV and
FIVB rules both define an attack, but AVP's rule book does not.  AVP
is by and large a far less precise ruleset than USAV or FIVB.  Here's
what they do say, however:

AVP beach rules from
(not sure what year, but text matches my 1996 rulebook)
18.6Ball Contact

A. The ball may contact any part of the body.

B. The ball may contact multiple parts of the body provided such
   contact is simultaneous.

C. A ball must be hit cleanly and not held, lifted, pushed,carried or

D. A "hard driven" ball from an attack or from a blocked ball
   rebounding back into the attacker's court may be contacted multiple
   times in succession by a player if these contacts occur during one
   attempt to play the ball. This counts as one team contact. A "hard
   driven" ball may never be carried or allowed to come to rest.

Note 18.6.D is a significant departure from USAV Beach and FIVB Beach
rules, which allow a momentary lifting/carrying of a hard-driven ball.

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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