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USAV beach double contact, hard-driven (was NF:Blocking the Serve) (Wally Hendricks) writes:
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> (VBCoacher) wrote:
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> >Hasn't the US allowed double contacts on the first ball for a
> >while...providing that it was a "hard driven ball"?
> There has never been a "hard driven ball" rule in indoor volleyball
> in USA VB or NAGWS jurisdictions (I cannot speak for federation).
> The "hard driven ball" rule is an outdoor rule only (in that venue
> you can also hold a hard driven ball- this is not allowed indoors).
> Many, many people have thought that the hard driven ball caveat
> existed when it did not.

Indeed.  The phrase hard-driven is very often used, but seldom
understood correctly.  It's no wonder because we have so darned many

Wally has taken care of USAV indoor and NAGWS; Joe has spoken to
Federation rules; and (predictably) here's me to give the USAV beach

For more information on the hard-driven ball rule in USA Volleyball
beach rules, check here:

        <a href="">AOL-ers  click here</a>

The key:  you can momentarily lift/carry a hard-driven ball under USAV
outdoor rules, but you cannot double contact such a ball with the
fingers.  See the link above for the appropriate rules citations.

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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