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Re: overhand the serve?

Ron's statement "Ugly as it may be, it is used, and is legal" is not
accurate under all rulesets.

Mens Collegiate indoor (USAV indoor rules, I believe?), is quite
different than USAV beach, and AVP rules with respect to what you can
do on the first ball.  In USAV indoor, you can legally double contact
a first-ball set with finger action in a single attempt.  You cannot
legally double contact the ball using finger action under USAV beach
or AVP rules.

The "beach dig" scenario is different still.

See my USAV Beach/indoor rules differences page for a more thorough
treatment of this somewhat involved subject. 

Also applicable (as this situation is an undocumented, yet FAQ)

  The hard-driven ball myth (was Re: service reception rule change)

  First Ball Contact, double hits, ugly sets (was Re: rules question)

  Beach Volleyball Rules Primer (USAV)

Best Regards,
                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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"Ron Robbins" <> writes:
> However "technically ugly" taking the serve in a setting motion may be, it
> is becoming a widely used in the mens college volleyball. Many players now
> will begin closer to the net, and pass the high balls with their hands. As
> the rule states, consecutive contacts are legal, if done in one motion to
> play the ball, therefore, spin on the ball becomes irrevelant. Ugly as it
> may be, it is used, and is legal.
> > >AVP Rules
> > >18.6 Ball contact
> > >D. A "hard driven" ball from an attack or from a blocked ball
> > >   rebounding back into the attacker's court may be contacted multiple
> > >   times in succession by a player if these contacts occur during one
> > >   attempt to play the ball.  This counts as one team contact.  A
> > >   "hard driven ball may never be carried or allowed to come to rest."

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