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Re: RSV Web Page Material (was: tv vb future predictions?) (L. Ravi Narasimhan) writes:

> In <> Todd <> writes:
> >> One more reason to promote a web page for this group (one of the ideas
> >> that came out of the AVCA Convention RSV Meeting a few weeks ago).
> >I think I missed a posting or two on this.  What were the ideas for
> >such a web page?   fits this bill in my
> >mind already, but I'm sure a separately chartered  page is mind.
> Leslie Hilbert suggested a page that describes what rsv is, how to
> access it, some idea of the topics that are/have been discussed,
> pointers to Dejanews for interesting threads, group awards, etc.
> The idea is to have a one-stop place to refer folks who may be
> interested in rsv but are more familiar with the WWW than with the
> Usenet.

A fine idea. will it differ from the existing:

                  Todd H.
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