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Re: Volleyball Vs. Wallyball

Jeff Little <> writes:
> After our match last night an interesting argument broke out between two
> of our players regarding which ball travels faster when hit, a
> volleyball or a wallyball. They assumed that everything was constant,
> except the ball, including set quality, wrist snap, arm velocity etc.

I'm going to make a leap here, but I'm going to recommend not hanging
out with engineers.  :-)

> One argued that a wallyball travels faster because the material actually
> promotes more speed because of the "spring". The other argued that the
> material actually absorbs some of the velocity of the hit, and
> subsequently slows the speed down. I promised them that I would post the
> argument here, and the majority will win. The winner gets a beer, which
> by and large is what started the argument in the first place. Thanks in
> advance.

No idea...but I'm curious if there's a significant weight difference
between a WB and a VB.  Is there? 

Based on the recreational play I've seen in Walleyball, the ball
appears to act like it's heavier.  If a walleyball is heavier than a
volleyball, then one would have to consider conservation of momentum
along with the coefficient of restitution.

                  Todd H.
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