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Re: Tossing the Serve writes:
> I haven't had any problems with this one yet.  The serve toss seems
> a pretty clear thing: the toss is almost always higher than head
> height, it's executed with one hand,the serving hand comes back, and
> the player's eyes track the ball.  I've seen players dribble, toss
> the ball a few times at chest height or lower with both hands, but
> the big, slower, one-handed serve toss is clearly different.  I'd
> say just call it fair - if you legitimately think that it was a
> serve toss and it's caught or dropped, call it.  If the player
> complains, don't worry about it.  The loudest complainers often know
> they're wrong. 


The rules phrasing "clearly tossed and released" is rather
unambiguous, I think.

If challenged, all you need to say is "In my judgement, the ball was
clearly tossed an released.  As such, it was a service attempt.  Side

No successful protest will result on the basis of this judgement.

> Explain the rule, and yellow an argument.

I'd defer showing color unless the complainer was either a) not the
captain, or b) continued bickering after the explanation.

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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