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Re: Tossing the Serve writes:

> And I'll admit the issue's a little testy for me.  At my last match
> I made the call - at match point in a rally scored game - , and
> although no one - including the server - disagreed that the toss was
> a service toss, the server threw the ball off my leg and and used
> what the USAV calls 'defamatory language'. 

I surely hope that the recreational league was supportive of any
suggestion to remove this person from the league for AT LEAST the
remainder of this and the next session.  

The defamatory language is one thing, but if someone throws a ball at
you, then they've clearly demonstrated that they don't belong there.
It's a recreational league, for chrissake!

> This didn't anger me - not much does - but it's puzzling, that sort
> of behaviour.  My attitude as a player is that when I screw up (not
> if), I need to play harder to make it up to the team, not get
> suspended from the league for losing my temper.

I surely hope he was suspended from the league.  I agree that this
level of sportsmanship is unbelievable.

                  Todd H.
USAV Regional Referee, Great Lakes Region, Palatine, IL
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